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Precision Farming Harvest Solutions

HS Headsight RowGuidanceTrueSight Row Guidance

Headsight offers high accuracy row-crop autosteer control systems for corn harvesting.  They use mechanical sensing wands to feel the stalks and integrate with an existing steering devices to guide the combine down the row.  Headsight row guidance systems are not tied to GPS; therefore, they can be installed on any combine with a supported steering valve or motor.


HS Headsight HeaderControlHeader Height Control

Headsight’s patented Flexible Poly Arm design allows the sensing arm to flex which helps absorb the abuse of the field, thus increasing sensor life.  The adjustable spring down pressure helps the sensor force through the stubble to fully contact the ground, even at higher operating speeds.


precisionplanting yieldsense2Precision Planting Yield Sense

YieldSense changes the way grain flow is measured. Precision Planting's patented flow sensor is installed in the correct location, so accurate yield is measured across all mass rates. With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to keep the system accurate, YieldSense gives you the tools you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond.