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Features & Benefits

Steep Dump Angle

The rock picker is equipped with two 3-by-31-inch hydraulic cylinders with hardened shafts to tip the hopper. The system is designed with a 38-inch dump height and extra-steep dumping angle to ensure all rocks and debris are removed.

Heavy Duty Batts

The large-diameter reel is engineered with three reinforced batts for maximum durability. The batts feature a spring-loaded trip action, allowing them to operate damage-free in tough conditions. For added reliability, the batts pivot on greaseable steel pins within replaceable bushings.

Planetary Hydraulic Direct Drive

There are no chains or sprockets to wear out and constantly adjust. Our low-maintenance, high-torque reduction planetary gear system runs in an oil bath and is direct coupled to the hydraulic motor, which is internally protected for extreme use.

Thick Steel Frame

To withstand heavy abuse, we gave the rock picker a durable frame made of reinforced 5-inch square tubing.



Estimated Weight 5,100 lbs.
Picking Width 60"
Picking Speed 2-4 mph
Minimum Rock Diameter 2"
Maximum Rock Diameter 20"
Wheels 16.5L x 16.1 flotation tires
Hubs 8-bolt
Tractor Horsepower Requirement 60
Hydraulic Flow Requirement 9 GPM