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Transfer Auger

Transfer Augers

Westfield Transfer Augers have a simple design, are balanced for easy moving and have multiple capacities to match your needs. Westfield transfer augers are available in 8" and 10" diameters with option of gas, electric or hydraulic drive. These low profile transfers are just 10¾" high and are light and maneuverable. The hopper fits nicely under hopper bottom bins and trailers for fast and easy unloading.

Poly Transfer Auger

The 9" poly transfer auger is the lightweight alternative! The poly hopper and 9" tube reduces weight (only 125 lbs), resists corrosion and offers easy one-person handling and storage. The 8'2" length stores horizontally on semi trailers for legal transport. The unit also features an adjustable discharge angle for low trailers. Available in hydraulic drive only.


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