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Salford Group AWST200-CCT

Salford Group AWST200-CCT for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Salford Group AWST200-CCT for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa




  • Frame Configuration – Available in 10 to 40-ft. widths. Single roller system with four tines per row. Standard 7 ½” tine spacing. Patented CCT (Close Coupled Tandem) uses two overlapping tined rollers, with three tines per row, giving you more pockets and fractures per acre.
  • Wing Down Pressure Valve – Standard on all Folding Wing models. Valve is pre-set at the factory but can be easily adjusted in the field to suit varying ground conditions.
  • Trunnion Bearing & Mounting Bracket – Heavy-duty 50mm bearing standard on all AWST and AWFT machines. No-lube bearings are designed for severe service applications.
  • C-Flex System – Standard on all AWST and AWFT machines. Designed to protect rollers from impact and shock loads.


  • Versatility – Quick-adjust feature allows you to easily vary the roller swing angle to meet your tillage and cropping demands.
  • Value – Can be used full season and is readily adaptable to no-till, minimum till, and conventional till practices.
  • All-Season – Ideal in the springtime for warming and drying soils. Post-harvest use allows your soils to breathe and promotes better residue breakdown.
  • Dependable – All components chosen for strength and durability to withstand the demands of day-to-day farming.
  • Outstanding Yields – Get top yields with lower input costs. It all comes down to the bottom line.


  • Rolling Baskets – Available with either 3-Bar Coil Tines with 14” Single Roller or a Double Row 14” Harrow Basket.
  • Rear Tool Bar – AWST and AWFT frames are designed to accept an optional rear tool bar, allowing the user to attach his own finishing tools.
  • Pull-type Wheel Kits – Designed to convert the machinery into a “trail” unit with tires rearward.
  • Scraper System for Rollers – For units working in challenging or high-residue conditions.
  • Ballast Blocks – For hard compacted ground conditions, ballast blocks are available in 550 and 750-lb. weights.
  • Lighting Kit – Includes two lights and two universal mounting brackets and harnesses.



CCT AerWay ® - available in 3.75" (0.10 m)     
Model Number AWST200-CCT
Cultivation Width 20' (6.10 m)
Travel Width 20' (6.10 m)
# of Tines 3.75" (0.10 m) 192
Weight 6048 lbs (2.74 T)
HP Required 180-300