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INDEPENDENT Series Flex Finish Harrow Attachments


Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

The Flex Finish is a hydraulically adjustable rolling basket option available on the Independent Series models I-1100, I-1200, I-2100, I-4100, and I-5100. Hydraulic rolling baskets are available on 2015 I-Series models which help to expand the range of operating conditions for the I-Series tools and improve the performance in a variety of high and low moisture conditions.

Adjust Operating Pressure on the Fly

Salford’s patent-pending hydraulic rolling basket system allows for instant adjustment of the operating pressure from the tractor seat. Many competing systems require adjustment of an active down pressure value located directly on the implement. The convenient pressure indicator on the front of the implement allows the operator to quickly check the pressure on the basket system.

Adapt to Field Conditions from the Cab

Pressure to the baskets can be increased in order to create finer seedbeds by improving soil clod resizing in dry soil conditions. Alternatively, the rolling baskets can be lifted during operation to prevent the baskets from plugging with heavy, wet soil. Also, in the fall the machine can be run with light or no basket pressure to leave more standing stocks to meet conservation requirements, leave large clod sizes that are often desirable to prevent erosion over winter, and lift the baskets clear off the road during transport.

Tine Harrow Adjustment

Although the tine harrows are not hydraulically controlled, the new geometry of the rolling basket frame allows for easier access to the tine harrow settings. A new, spring lock, tool-less pitch adjustment for the tines has been designed for faster, simpler manual changes into one of the five tine pitch settings.