Salford Group BBI Sniper

Salford Group BBI Sniper for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Salford Group BBI Sniper for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



  • 120 foot application width saves time and fuel costs through fewer passes
  • Meets controlled traffic farming standards (120 foot/36 meter-wide pattern)
  • 12 Section, automatic, spread pattern adjustment / swath control to reduce over application and minimize spreading into environmentally sensitive areas
  • High clearance adjustable axle (90-120 inches) allowing for in season application
  • Largest capacity of any single-axle top-dress spreader on the market
  • Self contained, continuous-duty hydraulics platform for maximum tractor compatibility
  • 3 independent, automatically adjusted, application control systems give optimum response time to prescription controls


- Capacity: 282 cubic feet / Ton: 9.2
- Painted, 409 stainless steel
- Working Width Fertilizer up to 120 feet
- ISOBUS Compatible 12 section spread pattern control
- Roll tarp installed
- Secondary hopper split and 60 cubic foot secondary metering drive is optional
- Fill screens with access doors to hopper(s)
- Hopper screen/filter
- PTO Driven Self Contained Hydraulic system:
- Choice: 1000 RPM Series 6 CV 1 3/4 20 Spline
- 1000 RPM Series 6 CV 1 3/8 21 Spline
- Includes: 4 Manifolds and PWM Valves to control each spinner and each conveyor. Heat shrink fittings.
- Twin 12 inch, 304 stainless steel mesh conveyor chains
- Maximum rates 1000 lbs/acre at 8 mph
- Standard: Twin Independently Driven Stainless Steel Spinners
- Standard: Single Axle High Clearance Frame with 90 in. to 120. Adjustable Axle (Adjustable in 6 in. Increments.)
- Standard: 90 in. to 120 in. Adjustable Axle w/380/90 R46 Tires
- Optional: 80 in. to 110 in. Adjustable Axle w/380/90 R46
Optional: 800/65 R32 Tires
- Standard: Rear Tail Lights with Turn Signal, Side Markers, Wired with Corrosion Resistant Wiring Kit
Optional Hydraulic Fan Drive
- Requires 21 GPM operating at 2500 PSI
- 3/4 inch hydraulic lines
- 1/2 inch couplers and 3/4 inch high flow couplers included
- Case drain required
- Standard: None
- Optional: Vinyl Cable Lock Tarp
-Standard: 8 Digi-Star Load Cells - Traditional weight readings to assess payload. The ECU's Dynamic Metering and Angle Compensation functionalities are continuously monitoring scale feedback to ensure high levels of accuracy during application
- Hydraulic valve control for dual belt/chain, dual spinner spreader.
- Linear actuator control of left and right side drop-points.
- Static or Dynamic weighing system including Angle Compensation
- Automatic Section Control for 2 or 12 sections.
- Monitor Compatibility: JD 2630, JD 4640, Trimble TMX 2050, Trimble FM 1000 / FMX, Pro 700
- Contact Salford BBI regarding other monitor compatibility