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Our innovative Crary Tile Pro Stringer Trailers can take the work out of moving all those big, bulky rolls quickly and effortlessly. With a variety of options to choose from, our Stringer Trailer options can fit any application and we can modify a package to fit nearly any tiling project or budget. We can even custom mount spool carriers to farm trucks, dozers and other hauling vehicles.

Stringer Trailers are available in:

Single-Axle Stringer Trailer

Standard Equipment

  • Wide heavy duty, High Speed Tires: 225-75R15
  • Running lights standard
  •  Simple, effective manual Friction Brake
  • Heavy-duty 8Boll Hub with 9.5' Main Table
  • Full 10.34'diameter Heavy Steel Mast, with over 8' usable height


Dual-Axle Stringer Trailer

Standard Equipment

  • Walking Tandem Axle
  • Electric Brake Control& Lift Switch with 30 feet of Rubberized Cord
  • Folding wings
  • Electric brake for Spool Reel
  • Electric/Hydraulic Pump with Cylinder
  • Manual Lock for Spool
  • Tail Light Kit for On-Road Travel
  • 11L-15 8 Ply Flotation Tires
  • Pin Hitch


3 Point Model

Standard Equipment

  • Category 2 or 3 Hitch
  • Electric Drum Brake
  • Tractor  Hydraulics for Tilt
  • Folding Table Wings