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Crary Trench PRO

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The Crary® TRENCH PRO™’s simple and effective design makes easy work of leveling and filling the tile trench left by a tile plow, and it’s adjustable. Works great as an irrigation pivot track closer too!

  • Brings dirt back over tile trench to promote proper filling/settling.
  • Included bearing caps – helps prevent rocks, dirt from damaging bearings.
  • Adjustable from 20" to 88"
  • Proper trench filling helps restore field to original conditions.
  • Optional wheel kit is adjustable and designed to maintain consistent working depth.
  • Optional rolling basket helps breakup dirt lumps for improved settling/leveling.
  • Four, 28 inch notched blades - work well in variable soil types and conditions.
  • Works great as an irrigation pivot track closer.