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Crary is the only company that can offer you a complete reel system, equipped with high velocity air! We've been developing our air systems for more than 20 years, which means at Crary "We definitely know Air flow". 

We also know, that the most efficient thrashing comes from an evenly fed harvester.  A constant, even flow of material in, leads to the most efficient grain separation.  Poor feeding, bunching at the cutter bar and crop simply shattering or falling off the leading edge can literally leave your profit in the field.  Add an Air Reel and you will add bushels to the hopper.

A constant stream of high velocity air quickly feeds crop back to either the auger or right onto the draper belt, eliminating bunching.  The Crary Air Reel offers a better view of the cutter bar for improved visibility.  The Air Reel also features powder coat paint. 

Faster Ground Speeds 
Most owners and operators of a Crary Air Reel report higher ground speeds due to the fact that they no longer have to wait for bunched crop to clear the platform. With faster ground speeds come higher profits and reduced fuel expenses.

A Variety Of Crops 
Types of crop and the condition of the crop are not a concern for Air Reel owners. Many report that they can move between fields while making no adjustments to their header.  The benefits of high velocity air are being realized in many different crop harvests: wheat, lentils and beans are just a few.

Long Lasting
The Crary high pressure fan utilizes a steel rotor. Natural dust and dirt particles can be coarse and abbrasive, having a steel rotor will increase the longevity of your air system. 

Series II Gearbox
The Crary Air Reel now comes equipped with a Series II Gearbox. Features of the Series II inlcude:

    • -Simplified Design
    • -Reduced weight, sound and operating temperature
    • -Improved Field Serviceability


What is better a Crary Air Reel or a Crary Wind System?

Both systems provide an equal benefit to saving crop at the cutter bar. However, some customers perfer to remove their factory reel, or order their new header without a factory reel. Doing so can save on the cost of a new head itself. Others perfer to fit up their current header with air by adding the CWS. They do not remove the factory reel with the CWS.

Will the Air Reel fit my new combine header?

The Air Reel will fit most combine headers from widths of 15 to 45 feet. Many Air Reels are sold on new combine headers due to the deduction in price that the customer can receive when purchasing the header less the factory reel.

Is the Air Reel beneficial only in short crop conditions?

Even though the percentage of crop savings is greater in tougher conditions (i.e. short or lodged beans); the Air Reel can save bushels of crop and increase feeding and visibility in all conditions.

What crops can be harvested by the Air Reel?

The Air Reel can help in virtually all crops that are harvested with a flex or rigid header. Soybeans, edible beans, wheat, lentils, peas and milo are the most common crops harvested with the Air Reel. The Air Reel also makes a flex header perform well in crops that are normally harvested with a rigid head.

How does the Air Reel get its high velocity air?

A gearbox driven by the header backshaft generates enough air for all sizes of Air Reels. This air is then directed towards the cutterbar at speeds over 200 mph through specially designed nozzles.

Do I have control of the air flow while combining?

Yes, besides being able to use your header's fore and aft controls, the Air Reel comes standard with two toggle switches, which are mounted in the cab, and control the direction as well as the volume of air.