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Mowers & Conditioners

Mowers & Conditioners
Fast, clean cutting performance and high-quality conditioning to get the most out of your hay fields. Choose from our proven line of rotary disc mowers, pull-type disc mowers and mower conditioners.

Disc Mowers
5’ 6” - 9’ 2” Cutting Widths: Case IH rotary disc mowers handle tough conditions while delivering clean cutting performance, maneuverability, durability and overall value.

Pull-Type Disc Mowers
10’ 4” Cutting Widths: The Case IH TD102 pull-type disc mower features a smooth ride, clean cut, superior trailing ability, low transport height and easy tractor hookup.Rotary Disc Mower Conditioners

Disc Mower Conditioners
9'2" - 16' Cutting Width:  Fast cutting and high-quality conditioning for superior hay quality and windrow formation.

Sicklebar Mower Conditioners

14/16/18 ft Cutting Width: Case IH sicklebar mower conditioners deliver fast-cutting, high-quality conditioning, turning acres of standing crop into high-quality hay