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Lawn mowing can be tough and time consuming, especially large lawns where you have to navigate around trees, shrubs and landscape beds.  A Husqvarna rider lawn mower with articulated steering and a front-mounted cutting deck will not only make your work a lot easier - you'll also enjoy the ride.

Designed with you in mind
The unique articulated steering system on your Husqvarna rider allows the rear wheels to swing in underneath the machine creating a tight turning radius for easy maneuvering around landscape beds and other obstacles in your yard. The efficient rear-wheel drive system provides excellent traction when mowing slopes. Combined, these two features provide best-in-class mowing performance for any riding lawn mower.

All decked out
Husqvarna riders are available with versatile cutting systems to meet the specific needs of your lawn. The Air Induction, side discharge cutting deck ensures grass clippings are dispersed evenly. The deck features a reinforced tube bar around the frame for increased durability. Our Combi cutting deck models are perfect for mulching, which promotes fertilization for a healthy lawn.

One rider for all seasons
Your Husqvarna rider lawn mower adapts to any weather and season. So instead of buying different machines for different tasks, why not consider a versatile Rider? From dump carts and spreaders to snow blowers and blades, we offer a wide range of attachments to help you face any kind of seasonal challenge.