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Case IH Speed-Tiller 475

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  • working width

    5′ 9″-41′

  • transport width

    6′ 9″-19′ 4″

  • blade diameter

    22″ or 24″

  • blade spacing



Tackle Primary and Secondary Tillage With One Tool

Case IH Speed-Tiller 465/475 are high-speed tillage tools that dig like a disk and finish like a finisher — maximizing the agronomic quality of the seedbed from surface to floor, fall or spring. Featuring indexed, independently mounted blades, these high-speed disks are available in either rigid mounted or trailing configurations to meet the unique demands of each operation.

Competitive Advantage

Every Detail Counts

There are countless features that set the Speed-Tiller apart from the rest. When it comes to agronomic performance and promoting higher yields, every detail counts. Here are just a few reasons why the Speed-Tiller beats the competition every time:
  • Agronomic Performance

    • Field-tested and proven as the only high-speed disk on the market worthy of the Case IH Agronomic Design™ badge.
    • Works the entire soil profile — and doesn’t create compacted valleys and humps below the surface of your fields like competitive units.
    • Designed to promote healthier soil and consistent, accurate seed placement.
  • Disk Arms & Gang Design

    • Disk arms are the heaviest and strongest on the market — nearly double the thickness of competitive units.
    • Double-taper roller bearings — one for each disk blade — feature a 7-lip seal for extreme ruggedness and extended service life.
    • Tapered bearings have the ability to handle both extreme radial loads and thrust loads, while standard roller bearings are only built to deal with radial loads.
  • Rugged Frame

    • It’s easy to see how much stronger and rugged the Speed-Tiller is built when comparing to the competition side by side.
    • A thicker and heavier frame helps increase durability.
    • Angled pieces in the frame design provide maximum strength.
  • Torsion System

    • 2-inch-thick, heavy-duty rubber torsions for disk arm mounts allow blades to hold their position through tough conditions and a range of speeds.
    • Smaller rubber torsions on competitive units mean less breakout force, improper disk spacing and increased wear.
    • Paired with the durable and heavy disk arms, the torsion system gives the disks superior soil penetration — while still being malleable enough to allow each disk to have 8 inches of vertical travel.
  • Cost of Ownership

    • The durability of the Speed-Tiller contributes to a lower cost per acre compared to competitors.
    • From the heavy-duty hub and bearing assembly, to durable Earth Metal blades, the Speed-Tiller is built to last — even in tough conditions.

Leveling & Depth Control

A True Dual-Season Tool

The Speed-Tiller digs like a disk and finishes like a finisher for flexibility no matter the season. In fall, run deeper — from 3 to 6 inches — to manage crop residue, control weeds and destroy root balls. In spring, run at shallower depths to create an ideal seedbed finish.
  • Depth Control

    • Exclusive constant-level hitch delivers deep penetration, consistent disk depth and residue management
    • Puts usable weight on the blades to run deeper or transitions to roller wheel to optimize tool finish
    • Wing down pressure provides consistent penetration and disk depth across the entire width to assure a high-efficiency seedbed
  • Leveling

    Three conditioner attachment options provide the finish that fits each field:
    • 16.5- and 19-inch diameter with 1.2-inch rifled round bar Crumbler roller
    • 22-inch-diameter heavy-duty steel spring conditioner
    • 21-inch-diameter rubber roller with mud scrapers

Independent Blades

Designed to Work Your Entire Soil Profile

  • Laterally adjustable, indexed, independently mounted blades eliminate compacted valleys and humps where blades run below the soil surface
  • Ability to move more soil than traditional high-speed compact disks
  • Unique blade position and design reduces plugging in wet soil conditions with high volumes of trash
  • Rubber-torsioned disk arms, paired with the powerful leveling roller, effectively incorporate stubble into the soil

Operating Speed

Productivity at Your Speed

The Speed-Tiller high-speed disk is designed for superior agronomic performance at your speed, in your conditions. Reach high speeds with more robust disk mounts, arms and bearings, and a rugged frame built to withstand some of the world’s harshest soil conditions.
    • 1.25-inch-(32 mm) thick disk arms are the heaviest and strongest on the market, and nearly double the thickness of competitive units
    • 5-bolt heavy duty disk bearings and hubs use unitized double taper roller bearings and a 7-lip cartridge seal for superior ruggedness and reliability
    • Heavy-duty disk arm mount rubber torsions provide the needed down pressure to penetrate the hardest conditions with the needed protection in rocky soil conditions
    • Hydraulically positioned conditioner roller allows the operator to lift the conditioner roller in muddy conditions


Boost Seedbed Quality From Floor to Surface

Agronomic performance sets the Speed-Tiller 465/475 high-speed disks apart from the rest. All Case IH tillage tool designs are tested and proven to maintain or improve the agronomic performance of your fields. While competitive units till fields to look smooth on the surface, the Case IH Speed-Tiller is the only high-speed disk on the market that creates a smoother, more level seedbed floor and a finish that fits your fields.

  • Smooth seedbed floor contributes to consistent, accurate seed placement and uninhibited root development
  • Unmatched agronomic performance maximizes weed control and water penetration for healthier soil

Min Working Width ft/in [ m ]13.1 ft [4.0 m]
Max Working Width ft/in [ m ]41 ft [12.5]
Min Transport Width ft/in [ m ]8.2 ft [2.9]
Max Transport Width ft/in [ m ]15 ft 9 in [4.8]
Min Transport Height ft/in [ m ]11 ft 10 in [3.6]
Max Transport Height ft/in [ m ]13 ft 1 in [4]
Min Weight lbs [ kg ]16535 [7500]
Max Weight lbs [ kg ]35650 [16170]
Widths Available 6
Blade Diameter - In (mm)
Blade Diameter inches [ mm ]std 24 in. [610 mm]concavity blades/ opt. 22 in. [559 mm] shallow concavity blade
Blade Spacing - In (mm)
Blade Spacing inches [ mm ]10 [250]
Number Of Blades 32, 36, 50, 66, 76 or 100
Primary Blade Type Disk
Manufacturer's Description Of Blades 22" (559) shallow concavity std; 24" (61) opt. concavity
Blade Edge Profile Serrated front and rear
Blade Depth Range - In (mm) 3 to 6 (76 to 152)
Blade Mounting Individual arms; rubber torsion system; two gangs; lateral front gang adjustment
Front Angle Of Gang Or Blades - ° 17 degree lateral; 8 degree incline
Rear Angle Of Gang Or Blades - ° 17 degree lateral; 8 degree incline
Attachment To Tractor Trailing
Fore-aft Sequence Of Tillage Components Disk-disk-conditioner
Description Crumbler roller
Rolling Diameter - In (mm)
Rolling Diameter inches [ mm ]19 [480]
Bars Or Blades On Circumference Round bars 1.44 (36.5) dia.
First Available Conditioner Steel spring roller, 22 (560) dia.
Second Available Conditioner Rubber roller, 21 (533) dia.
Transport Tire, Largest Size 560/45x22.5 up to 600/50 R22.5 std.; 425/65 x22.5 opt.
Wing Tire, Largest Size 600/50 R22.5 std.; 425/65x22.5 opt.
Engine Horsepower - Low hp [ kW ]150
Engine Horsepower - High hp [ kW ]600 [447]
Power Per Width Of Cut - Low hp/ft [ kW/m ]12 [29]
Power Per Width Of Cut - High hp/ft [ kW/m ]15 [36]
Advertised Tillage Speeds - Low mph [ kph ]8 [12.9]
Advertised Tillage Speeds - High mph [ kph ]12 [19.3]