Case IH MDX41 (Econ) Rotary Disc Mower » Red Power Team, Iowa

Case IH MDX41 (Econ) Rotary Disc Mower

Case IH MDX41 (Econ) Rotary Disc Mower for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Case IH MDX41 (Econ) Rotary Disc Mower for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



Economy Model Features

Features include:

  • Two high-quality, reversible knives per disc on four, five or six oval cutting discs
  • Rock guards and skid shoes to protect discs and carry the cutterbar over uneven ground
  • An enclosed gear-driven cutterbar that provides years of reliable service
  • A 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline
  • Adjustable flotation springs for changing cutterbar ground pressure
  • An articulation joint that allows mowers to operate above and below horizontal
  • A spring-loaded breakaway latch that protects the cutterbar
  • A single-acting hydraulic cylinder that easily lifts the cutterbar after each pass
  • 3-point hitch mounting


Model MDX41
Cutting width 7 ft. 11 in. (2413 mm)
Cutting height .63-2.36 in. (16-60 mm)
Cutter Bar tilt angle 2° to -8°
Cutter bar operating range +18° to -30°
Breakaway angle 21°
Type cutterbar Enclosed gear drive
Number of discs 6
Knives per discs 2 - reversible, swingaway
Disc cutting diameter 20.47 in. (520 mm)
Disc drive Spur gear drive in common sump
Disc speed 3,154 RPM
Cutterbar shear protection None
Minimum PTO hp required 50 hp (37.3 kW)
Input speed 540 RPM
PTO shaft spline & size req. 6-spline/1-3/8 in. (35 mm)
Driveline protection Belt drive to cutter bar
Overrunning clutch On PTO shaft
Belt tension Adjustable drawbolt - 0.75 in. deflection
Hydraulic circuits required One remote
Minimum relief pressure req. 2,320 psi (160 bar)
Hitch Category II
Overall width 178.35 in. (4530 mm)
Overall Length 54.33 in. (1380 mm)
Height - transport position 122.44 in. (3110 mm)
Shipping weight 1,215 lb. (551 kg)
Operating weight 1,077 lb. (489 kg)