Axial-Flow® 150 Series Combines

Axial-Flow® 150 Series Combines

Enhanced Case IH Axial-Flow® 150 series combines increase productivity, featuring the legendary single rotor technology, combined with the Cross-Flow™ cleaning system and increased grain handling capacity to help you put more high-quality grain in the tank.


265 - 375 HP


5, 6 & 7


250 - 300 bu.


2.5 - 4.0 bu

High-Efficiency Combines With Built-in Economy

Perfect for owner operators and fleet operations, the 150 series Axial-Flow® combines deliver maximum peace of mind through a simple-to-operate, efficient and reliable design featuring a belt-driven rotor. With proven Tier 4 B/Final emissions-certified 6.7 L to 8.7 L engines, up to 375 engine horsepower at 2100 engine RPMs and up to 300-bu. capacity, they give you the same superior grain quality, grain savings and value as the larger 250 series.

Celebrate the Legacy of Axial-Flow Combines

Designed to commemorate the rich, 40-plus-year legacy of Axial-Flow® combines, the new 150 series combine joins the 50 series combine lineup. The 150 series combines feature heritage styling, color schemes and decals of the original Axial-Flow combines. The memorable white cab tops and tire rims give way to the latest harvest advancements, including the Cross-Flow™ cleaning system, 2-speed electric shift transmission and a host of productivity enhancements.

Increase Functional Performance

Get the job done right with high-capacity features and heavy-duty rotary feeding systems. Enhance crop flow and improve feeding into the combine, resulting in smooth crop flow and reduced wear.


Improved and expanded header lineup provides the latest in harvesting technology. The following headers are available on the 150 series:

  • Corn
  • Draper
  • Flex Auger
  • Grain
  • Pickup


Feeder House

  • Added eight pitch spacing and positioning of the slats and feeder chain help move material faster and more consistently toward the transition cone
  • New rock trap beaters spiral design helps prevent rocks from entering the combine


Feeder Gearbox

  • Lower feeder gearbox handles the high horsepower requirements of chopping corn heads and larger headers
  • Intermediate feeder protects the feeder with both a friction clutch on the feeder shaft and a radial pin clutch on the feeder drum, which eliminates the need for belts or chains
  • Three-speed gearbox provides rotor speed overlap for improved belt life and ensures optimal positioning for commonly used rotor speeds


Two-speed Electric Shift Transmission Provides Seamless Control

Whether you want simplicity and convenience or superior control, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are available with the single rotor technology that is right for you. Our 150 series delivers proven technology through a simple, efficient and reliable belt-driven rotor design.

Electric Shift Transmission

  • High- and low-speed ranges allow you to take on different field conditions without shifting
  • Easier shifting with improved traction allows you to maximize your harvest window and field productivity


Pump Drives/Separator Drives

  • Improved PTO gear case design ensures pumps and drives are operating efficiently at a lower 2,100 rpm
  • Maximize fuel savings and decrease engine wear



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