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Case IH Utility Farmall® 110U

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  • Horsepower

    107 - 117 HP 

  • Transmission

    Semi-Power Shift

  • Operator Environment


  • Compatible Loaders

    L103 Series Loaders

Utility Farmall U Family

Power Through Every Chore.
The utility Farmall U tractors offer the ultimate Farmall experience. These heavy-duty, premium utility tractors with high-capacity hydraulics are ideal for the most demanding chores – whether you’re on the ranch, running a mixed grain operation, or even a municipality. Versatility, comfort, and superior visibility is what make the utility Farmall U the ultimate multi-tasker.


Optimal Horsepower, Efficient Operations, No Regeneration

Similar to larger Case IH tractors, the utility Farmall U series tractors feature the groundbreaking engineering of Case IH FPT Engines. This powerful, 4-cylinder 3.4L FPT engine features a quick throttle response and builds power fast. Yet, the precise electronic metering of fuel delivered with electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel injection ensures efficient operation while maintaining high horsepower levels. Engineered for dependable, quiet, clean operation, the turbocharged and aftercooled, clean burning, fuel efficient engine is Tier 4 B/Final-emissions certified.
  • Common Rail Direct Injection

    An electronic high-pressure common rail fuel system precisely meters fuel as power demands, delivering both performance and fuel efficiency. This fuel system also provides improved throttle response, fast recovery to load and quieter engine operation with less vibration.
  • Constant Engine RPM

    For tasks that require a steady engine rpm regardless of load or ground speed, such as baling hay on uneven terrain or powering a spray pump or other PTO-driven implements, Constant Engine RPM (CERPM) holds a steady engine speed and prevents engine racing or dragging. CERPM lets you create two preset engine RPM levels, and then easily fine-tune them in 10 rpm or 100 rpm increments.
  • Wastegate Turbocharger

    Count on the wastegate turbocharger to boost engine power and torque while reducing noise emissions. There’s little turbo lag time, and the wastegate turbocharger maintains boost pressure across engine RPMs.
  • Tier 4 B/Final Compliant and No Regeneration

    • Engines use an internal Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system to meet Tier 4 B/Final requirements.
    • Unlike some competitive utility tractors, Utility Farmall U series tractors do not require a diesel particulate filter in order to avoid downtime and increase productivity with no regeneration.
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Proven Semi-Powershift Transmission

The 16×16 speed semi-powershift transmission earned its top-of-the-line reputation in our Maxxum series tractors. The high-performance transmission includes a clutch-free, electrohydraulic power shuttle for smooth directional changes, plus a host of features designed to help increase operator productivity and reduce fatigue.
  • Power Shuttle

    The ergonomic power shuttle includes three adaptable settings, allowing you to operate the electrohydraulic power shuttle without taking your hand off the wheel.
  • Creeper Transmission

    For specialty-crop and other operations that require precision, choose the 32×32 creeper transmission option.
  • Better Braking

    The transmission on utility Farmall U tractors features a brake system that improves braking performance. Optional heavy-duty brake disks offer extended life over standard brakes.

Operator Environment

Setting the Standard in a Premium Workspace

Utility Farmall U series tractors offer a truly premium operators environment. Best-in-class accessibility, comfort and visibility help you take on any job the day throws your way — even if it takes all day.
  • Comfort

    Operators Platform:You operate more efficiently when you’ve got plenty of space to maneuver. The large, flat-floor operator area and well-placed controls give you all the room you need to stay on the job until it’s done.

    A Better Ride:An optional suspended cab provides a smoother ride on rough terrain. Similar to its big tractor brothers, this cab suspension system on utility Farmall U series tractors helps isolate the cab from up-down and side-to-side sway. The most important consideration is how much fresher and more comfortable you remain all day long.

    Cab Comforts:The updated HVAC system puts you in control. Ten dashboard vents help you maintain your ideal work environment throughout the day. Opening side windows provide fresh-air circulation. All controls and levers are within easy reach from the comfort of the operator seat.

    Easy Access:Best-in-class accessibility to driver’s seat with 2 doors and self-cleaning steps on each side help make any task go more quickly with less operator wear and tear. We’ve redesigned the steering column for even easier access and better control visibility.

    Seat Options:Our premium operators seat includes low-frequency air suspension, a heated pan and personalized adjustments, such as backrest fore/aft and lumbar support and armrest height and angle. An instructor seat comes standard.
  • Convenience

    Convenient Joystick Options:To get the greatest productivity from your tractor, it should be easy to operate. Choose the electronic joystick built into the right-hand armrest or the mechanical joystick integrated into the right-hand console.

    Ergonomic Controls:All controls and switches are conveniently located for easy access. The steering column tilts and telescopes and provides improved visibility to controls. The right-hand console features conveniently located ergonomic controls for functions, such as PTO engagement, hydraulic levers, MFD engagement and 3-point hitch settings.

    More Storage Space:The left-hand console includes a closable storage compartment with a removeable tray. Elastic straps on the cover are great for holding a pair of gloves or paperwork. Here, you’ll also find easier access to the in-cab fuse box.

    Protection With Flexibility:A two-post roll-over protection structure (ROPS) provides protection without sacrificing visibility. The structure is foldable so you can complete tasks in low-overhead areas, and an optional sunshade canopy provides sun protection and a cooler environment on long, hot days.
  • Visibility

    Forward Looking:The stylish, sloped hood on Farmall series tractors provides clear, unobstructed forward sightlines to the front wheels, loader and other front-mount attachments.

    Loader Views:A curved front window frame top increases loader visibility. The standard high visibility roof panel with opening window lets you the see full-range loader operation, even when the loader is extended to full height. A retractable sunscreen covers the roof panel and upper windshield.

    Instrumentation:Well-placed controls and the instrumentation dash’s design provide easy access without inhibiting visibility.
  • Exterior Features

    LED Lighting:Optional LED adjustable position work lights provide brighter lighting and help extend the work day. Two front and two rear lights provide 1,960 Lumen per lamp. Standard rotary beacons — on each side of the cab — increase visibility.

    Mirror Options:Choose from two standard telescopic mirrors or two optional telescopic wide-angle mirrors for the visibility that best suits the way you use your tractor and the equipment you tow.

    Dual Fender Controls:PTO and 3-point hitch hook-ups go quicker and easier with the convenience of fender controls. Left and right fender controls come standard on utility Farmall U series tractors.

PTO, Hydraulics & Hitches

Efficiently Power Through A Full Day’s Work

Utility Farmall U series tractors are designed to provide maximum power and efficiency, whether loading silage into a mixer wagon, cutting hay or doing grading work in cattle pens or around the farmstead. Standard features, such as fender mounted hitch and power take off controls, are positioned and designed to help make your workday more productive.
  • PTO Options

    Choose the PTO configuration that best meets your needs and the way you plan to use your tractor. A 540/1,000 rpm PTO comes standard. Or select the shiftable 540/540E/1,000 rpm option, and take advantage of the increased fuel efficiency the 540E PTO offers during less-demanding applications.

    Engagement:Push-pull button. Utility Farmall U tractors feature simple push-pull button electrohydraulic engagement. Shift among the three speeds of the optional 540/540E/1,000 PTO using an in-cab lever.

    Auto-PTO engagement:With this optional feature, the PTO automatically engages or disengages based on a 3-point hitch position set-point. So, for example, your tractor operates more efficiently when operating equipment, such as a 3-point-mounted finishing mower.
  • Hydraulics

    The open-center hydraulic system features closed-center load sensing remotes to safely power hydraulic motors. Rear remote couplers are located on the left-hand side, making it easier to connect implement hydraulics.

    Independent Pumps:Tandem hydraulic pumps work independently for better efficiency and improved performance during heavy lifting

    Rear Remotes:Utility Farmall U series tractors include three standard rear remotes, two with configurable detents.

    Mid-mount:Options include a two-function mechanical or two-function electronic valve.

    Joystick:Choose between the standard mechanical joystick or the optional electronic joystick for loader operation. Both options feature integrated clutch and convenient transmission upshift and downshift buttons.

    Flow Rate:Utility Farmall U series tractors feature a fixed displacement implement pump flow of 21.1 gpm.

    Loader Lift Capacity (maximum height 31.5 inches forward of pivot pins):

    Utility Farmall U tractor paired with Case IH L735 loader:
    • Non-self-leveling, 2,359 lb.
    • Self-leveling, 3,461 lb.

  • Heavy-duty 3-point Hitch

    The utility Farmall U series Category II 3-point hitch offers many of the settings and features found on larger tractors. The rear end of the tractor features two external, double-acting 80mm diameter cylinders capable of handling the heaviest implements.

    Easy Hook-ups:Standard telescopic lower links and stabilizers and dual turnbuckle adjustment simplifies implement attachment and leveling. A single turnbuckle provides fore/aft leveling.

    Hitch Lift Capacities:Two external, double-acting 80mm diameter cylinders provide 8,089 lb. of lift capacity, measured 24 inches behind the pin.

    Precision Control:Utility Farmall U series tractors feature the same 3-point hitch controls you’ll find on our larger Maxxum series tractors. Electronic hitch controls allow for precise hitch movement. Fine tune 3-point operation with draft sensitivity adjustment, drop-rate adjustment, maximum lift settings and a wheel-slip threshold setting.

    Swinging Drawbar:A standard swinging drawbar lets you customize hitched implements to your desired position or move the drawbar to keep it out of the way when not in use.

    Optional Front Hitch / PTO:Adding the optional multifunctional front axle support allows you to expand the versatility of your utility Farmall U tractor. The front PTO is an excellent option to power pumps or operate side mowers. The front hitch folds out of the way to maintain loader compatibility.

Axles and Tires

The Right Traction and Tires for the Job

No matter the job — whether in the hayfield or the feedlot or moving bales or pushing snow, utility Farmall U tractors deliver all the power and traction you need.
  • Axles

    Front Axle Options:Depending on how you plan to use your tractor, you can select the standard 1.5 HD MFD axle or go with the suspended MFD axle for improved traction and greater operator comfort.

    Suspended Axle:With its electrohydraulic MFD and differential lock engagement, the optional suspended front MFD axle provides additional traction and operator comfort — especially during those long days in the cab. A dual accumulator system dampens both ends of the stroke. The ability to choose automatic self-leveling or manual leveling lets you customize your ride.

    Standard MFD Axle:The standard 1.5 HD axle also features electrohydraulic engagement and electrohydraulic front differential lock for greater traction when required, such as during light tillage. The solid, cast axle with a dynamic (continuous) capacity of 7,715 lbs. stands up to the stresses of the toughest applications — especially loader work.
  • Tires & More

    Wheels, Tires and Weights:Utility Farmall U series tractors offer several tire brand options from the factory. Order your tractor with your preferred brand, and eliminate the need to swap tires at the dealership. For added stability and ballast, you can equip your tractor with four or six 110-lb. rear wheel weights.

    Front Fenders:Protect your tractor with optional dynamic front fenders. Fenders turn with the tire until the fender stop contacts the frame without compromising turning radius.

Maintenance and Uptime

Efficient with Your Time

Utility Farmall U tractors let you get right to work without time lost on routine maintenance. When you start fast, work efficiently, you finish sooner so you can move on to the next task.
  • Easy Access

    A single-piece hood opens without tools. Gas struts support the hood when open for quick, easy access to engine components and checkpoints. Filling the large, 43.5 gal fuel tank and 3.2 gallon DEF tank, is fast and easy with access from the ground.
  • Uptime

    Check engine oil without opening the hood. A 600-hour oil-change interval reduces downtime and maximizes uptime.

    Under the hood, a common reservoir for transmission, steering and hydraulics lets you check fluid levels with one dipstick. A swing-out condenser and slide-out cooler simplifies radiator clean-out, plus, you can access the engine air filter from the ground.

Loaders and Attachments

Accomplish More, Every Day

All utility Farmall U series tractor ship loader-ready from the factory. Your tractor arrives with the appropriate loader-mounting brackets, optional electronic or standard mechanical mid-mount hydraulic valves and joystick and a front grill guard already in place. This convenience package lets you install and remove your loader in minutes.
  • L103 Loader


    • Compatible with 110U and 120U
    • Lift Capacity Max Height @ pivot pins: 2,866 - 3,836 lbs (1,300 - 1,740 kg)
    • Boom Breakout Force @ pivot pins: 3,792 - 4,982 lbs (1,720 - 2,260 kg)
    • Raise time: 2.2 - 5.1 seconds

    L103 Loader
  • Attachments

    Your Case IH dealer offers a full line of loader attachments and tractor implements to help you get the most productivity from your tractor. Implements are quick and easy to hook up and include front-, mid- and rear-mount options, ranging from material handling loader attachments to mowers, rotary tillers, snow blowers and more.
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​Quick Specs

  • Gross Horsepower: 107 (79 kW)
  • PTO Horsepower: 93​ (69 kW)
  • Operator Area: Cab
  • Traction: MFD
  • Transmission: 16 x 16 Semi-Power Shift​