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Case IH Steiger 500

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  • Horsepower

    370 - 620 HP

  • Transmission

    PowerDrive or CVXDrive

  • FPT Engine

    8.7 / 12.9 L

  • Hydraulic Capacity

    Up to 113 gpm

Steiger Family

Endless Applications and All-season Productivity
Take control of every season, every application with the new intuitive, easy-to-use Steiger® series tractors with CVXDrive continuously variable transmission. It’s the first continuously variable transmission for an articulated 4WD tractor and delivers the highest horsepower available on the market —up to 605 peak horsepower – so you can take on year-round farming applications and specialty applications.


Unmatched 4WD Tractor Adaptability

Choose from 42 configurations from Quadtrac ™, Rowtrac™ wheeled, and scraper options to best fit your operation or line of business.
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  • Wheeled

    • Steiger wheeled models will keep you ready for any kind of row crop work, in any conditions. And with the 4WD force to boost your row crop operations, Steiger tractors are the ideal choice to pull your large planters and strip-till rigs.
    • Longer wheelbase combined with Case IH exclusive high-flotation tires provides more traction with less compaction, even under load.
    • Available on all Steiger models.
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  • Rowtrac

    • All Model Year 2019 Steiger Rowtrac tractors will be fit with track options that allow a maximum travel speed of up to 25 mph for all track widths: 18, 21, 24 and 30 inches.
    • Four points of ground contact deliver more power to the ground with less compaction. This proven design provides a balanced and continuous footprint for maximum traction.
    • Available on current model Steiger 420, 470 and 500.
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  • Quadtrac

    • Industry-leading track technology features four individually driven, positive drive, oscillating tracks. Each track maintains constant contact with the ground for a great ride, optimal ground pressure, superior flotation and better traction.
    • Exclusive positive-drive system delivers continuous power at all times, even in wet or slippery spots.
    • Available on Steiger 470,500, 540, 580, and 620.
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  • Scraper

    • Steiger tractors are proven workhorses on construction sites, moving earth at the lowest possible cost per yard.
    • Five models—with wheeled and track options— allow you to match tractor power to your scraper system, whether carry-all or ejector, single, or tandem.
    • Available on Steiger 470, 500, 540, 580, and 620.

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Track Technology

Legendary 4-track Design

For 20 years, we’ve led and perfected track technology with our Steiger® Quadtrac® and Rowtrac™ tractors. One major advantage Steiger tractors have over any competition is their independent, 4-track design, which provides outstanding traction and flotation, better handling, less rutting and berming, and full power on the ground in curves and turns — offering flexibility to operate in a variety of conditions, and make the most of short operating windows.
Case IH Track Technology Steiger Quadtrac VS John Deere 9RX Four-Track


The Most Powerful Tractor in the Industry

Steiger tractors offer up to 682 peak horsepower — the most in the industry. And with 10 percent Power Growth capabilities built into all our engines, they can handle even more in difficult conditions without compromising performance.
See the record-breaking Nebraska Test Results
  • Reliable and Durable

    Case IH 8.7L and 12.9L FPT engines are engineered and tested in Burr Ridge, IL. Our engines have clocked over 25 million hours on North American farms alone, making them field tested and field proven, providing the reliability you need.
  • Superior Operating Range

    Steiger Quadtrac tractors feature a superior operating range, with rated power at 2100 RPM, peak power at 1900 RPM, and peak torque at 1400 RPM. Case IH tractors can be lugged to a lower engine RPM, producing more torque, than the competition. This means less downshifting or “kicking-to-neutral,” especially in tough field conditions.
  • Unmatched Fuel Efficiency

    Case IH has been committed to an SCR-only solution for its unmatched fuel efficiency and power. Plus, it eliminates the need for additional components such as DPF and CEGR. You can enjoy greater productivity since the system allows for 600 hours between oil changes and doesn’t require regeneration.
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  • Turbochargers

    Two stage turbochagers feature a low pressure, cooling circuit system that provides increased power without compromising fuel efficiency. A small turbocharger delivers low-RPM responsiveness and a second, larger one delivers maximum boost at high RPMs. Each has its own intercooler and radiator for added efficiency. (Steiger 540, 580, 620)


For The First Time, A Choice Of Transmissions
Now you can choose between the new CVXDrive™ continuously variable transmission and the time-tested PowerDrive powershift transmission.
    CVXDrive Continuously Variable Transmission
    • CVXDrive Continuously Variable Transmission
    • PowerDrive Powershift Transmission
    Set It and Forget It
    Dial in the exact speed you need for the job — from 3 feet per minute up to 25 mph. No need to use the clutch or shift; the Steiger CVXDrive automatically selects the most efficient transmission range to work at the speed you need.Features familiar controls, including the integrated split-throttle on the MultiControl Armrest found in Magnum®, Optum®, Puma® and Maxxum® continuously variable transmission tractors.
    Continuous Hydraulic Flow
    The Steiger CVXDrive delivers unprecedented efficiency with greater precision and control over inputs, whether planting, seeding, fertilizing or spraying. It’s flexibility that aids year-round use for any number of jobs. Up to 605 peak horsepower on Steiger 540 hp models provides the power and torque needed for the toughest conditions you experience.
    Add Productivity to Row Crop Applications
    The Steiger tractor won’t take up space in the shed. From planting to harvest, CVXDrive puts you in greater control of every application, all year long. Including harvesting when pulling grain carts and hauling trailers and slurry tankers.
    Expand Your Business With Specialty Applications
    Your productivity can go beyond the typical agricultural use. Steiger CVXDrive tractors deliver the constant hydraulics and low-speed torque for multiple operation including:
    • Laying tile for subsurface drainage
    • Land leveling and earth moving
    • Land Reclamation
    Record-Setting Power and Performance
    The Steiger 620 wheeled tractor with a PowerDrive powershift transmission led the competition and set records for drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower and maximum pull at the 2017 Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory.
    Fuel Saving
    Uses operator input to provide automatic shifting that matches engine power and ground speed. Also helps save fuel — while planting at a constant 6 mph, you can save up to 24 percent on fuel while still achieving desired plant population.
    Proven Ease of Use & Efficiency
    The 16-speed PowerDrive powershift offers 20 percent faster shifting speed, with reliably smooth shifting that reduces operator fatigue, especially while roading or transporting equipment between fields. Plus, Case IH engineering tests have proven the enhancements to the PowerDrive can save up to 2 percent horsepower - helping you work more productively.
    Made to Last
    The PowerDrive transmission also features larger, helical-cut gears and clutch packs that deliver years of service while transmitting up to 682 peak horsepower to the ground for large-scale farming.

    Operator Environment

    Work Smarter and in Comfort, in Any Conditions

    Comfort is a priority when you spend long days in the field, and Case IH delivers, thanks to input from our customers. The Steiger Surveyor® cab is the largest, most comfortable cab in the industry on a row crop chassis. And it’s so quiet, you can talk on your phone or multitask as needed to run your business.
    Work Smarter and in Comfort, in Any Conditions
    • Maximum Visibility

      With 68 sq. ft. of glass and a 40-degree, right-hand swivel seat in the cab, Case IH Steiger tractors give you an exclusive 360-degree full field of vision. Forward visibility is optimized by the Steiger’s sloped hood, and rearward visibility provides an unobstructed view to the drawbar.
    • 4-Way Suspended Cab

      Our exclusive 4-Point Cab Suspension with shock-absorbing components at each corner of the cab stabilizes front-to-back, side-to-side and up-and-down motions, giving you a smooth ride regardless of terrain. With reduced jarring and bouncing, you’ll have greater focus on the job and more control over your tractor without fatigue and soreness at the end of a long day.
    • Multi-Function Handle

      Adjust your speed, gears and direction, and much more without even raising your elbow. The Case IH MultiFunction control handle puts 85% of the controls operators use most at your fingertips. Guided by customer input, the MultiFunction handles features new raised, backlit buttons. You can tell them apart by touch alone, making it even simpler to switch between functions.
    • Comfortable Seating

      Long days in the cab demand seating that’s still comfortable after 10, 12 or even more hours. The Surveyor® Cab delivers with a three-position ride control seat, which features an adjustable backrest and lumbar support. The heating and cooling option — with slide-out cushion for leg support — is ideal for working in seasonal temperature extremes.
    • LED Lights

      When you have to do nighttime field work, nothing is more important than good lighting. Our new optional LED lighting packages improve visibility during nighttime operation, helping you work more efficiently and reducing operator fatigue and stress.
    • Automatic Differential Lock

      Steiger tractors now operate more like Magnum tractors with an automatic differential lock, which pulls you through tough spots and reduces in-field compaction.The standard feature automatically engages and disengages, ensuring ease of use. It can also be manually overridden, giving you more more control over your tractor.
    • Steering System

      The Case IH Advanced Steering system, which requires less effort to turn the wheel, now comes standard on all Steiger models. It gives you smooth and precise control of the tractor and implement at all speeds and makes transitioning easier from field to road and road to field. And unlike previous systems that required 4 full turns side to side in field applications, the new system requires only 3.5.

    Hydraulics & Hitches

    Work Easier with Hydraulics and Hitches that Work Harder

    • Hydraulic power that puts you in control

      The Steiger Series Tractor hydraulic system uses the latest technology to provide an efficient, productive, user-friendly system.With 113 gallons per minute flowing through up to eight hydraulic remote valves, that’s enough hydraulic flow for even the biggest planters and air seeders in the industry. And it doesn't require a separate system or pump, meaning it's easier to monitor and more reliable.
    • Hitch lift capacity for any size job

      Because no two jobs are the same, you need to rely on the ability to change things up on the fly. Good thing the three-point hitch lift capacity increases to 20,000 lbs. on Row Crop frame models, allowing for more versatility to handle just about any load. With four different hitches to choose from: standard drawbar, heavy duty drawbar, Class 5 yoke drawbar and Scraper drawbar, obstacles at work are no longer insurmountable. Providing you the power to plow, dig, haul and tract through anything with ease, no matter the conditions or usage.

    Axle & Undercarriage

    Robust Components Provide Better Reliability, Longer Life

    • Axles to keep the job on track

      Steiger tractors feature massive, heavy-duty axles that can carry up to 66,000 pounds of operating weight. That’s the most weight any tractor of its class can handle, making it easier to cover more acres in a day and keeping the job on track. These enormous axles also feature unparalleled braking and hydraulic pressure, as well as lubricated and cooled wet internal brakes. The brakes have been redesigned to offer increased operating pressure for feel and modulation. This equates to built-in strength and durability for lower cost of operation and increased resale value. From moving silage to moving snow and working with the largest implements around, there’s a Steiger configuration built for every job.
    • Hardest working undercarriage in the field

      The Steiger Rowtrac undercarriage is unique in its design, utilizing a narrow belt that allows you to get between rows in the field like a surgeon. The design also provides for more stability, featuring a vertical suspension system that uses rubber “donuts” that act like shock absorbers, keeping the suspension from shifting side to side and securing the tracks on the row for even more reliability. The undercarriage is maintenance-free, with on-the-go track self-tensioning and clear bearing caps for easily checking fluid levels, creating a hassle-free experience and making the Steiger Rowtrac undercarriage one that’s designed to work.

    Advanced Farming Systems (AFS)

    Take Control of Your Farm’s Potential

    Built directly into your Case IH equipment, AFS components deliver intuitive precision farming solutions that reduce waste and increase overall efficiency all year round. From managing inputs during field preparation, planting and growing, to monitoring yield and moisture at harvest, AFS helps you uncover opportunities that turn potential into profit.
    Explore AFS
    • Display

      With single or dual options, the AFS Pro 700 display allows you to seamlessly monitor and control key machine functions across all Case IH equipment. The 10-inch screen is easy-to-read in daylight and adjusts for night visibility. It is fully customizable, with up to six run screens. Plus, it features ISO11783-compliant instrumentation that works with equipment from other manufacturers.
    • Guidance & Steering

      Steiger tractors offer the industry’s first full autoguidance system in reverse for articulated 4WD tractors, perfect for irregular-shaped fields and point rows. Easy-to-use AFS AccuGuide with Advanced Line Acquisition ensures that each row is identical, eliminating the guesswork of row spacing. That means fewer end-of-row turns and overlaps. And the new AccuTurn feature enables hands-free, end-of-row turning to maximize efficiency and productivity.The system also controls traffic patterns and decreases compaction for overlapping passes -- benefits that bring higher yields.
    • Software

      AFS software pulls together numerous sources of data about your farm and gives you the information you need to stay abreast of how things are changing. You own the information, so you decide how to use it. Adapt charts, graphs and layered maps for further analysis of variety / hybrid, plant populations and soil topographies. Or create boundaries, autoguidance lines, and compare farming practices and field-to-field yields from year to year.
    • Advanced Line Acquisition (ALA)

      We’ve improved the way a Steiger tractor engages to a guidance line. ALA not only gets the tractor to the line quicker, but it also reduces overshoot. When planting or seeding, ALA will help you reduce overlap and the amount of missed areas on headland turns. With such precision, your overall farm efficiency will improve.

    Maintenance & Uptime

    Stay Up and Running with Steiger

    From the frame construction to the heavy-duty powertrain, Case IH Steiger tractors are built for maximum uptime.
    • Ground-Level Service

      Easy maintenance with ground level access to engine, transmission, hydraulic and axle fluids.
    • Maintenance-Free Undercarriage

      The Case IH Quadtrac design is maintenance free, with clear caps, self-tensioning track, no grease zerks and debris ejection in mind.
    • 600-Hour Oil Change Intervals

      Industry-leading oil service change intervals help keep you in the field longer.
    • Extended Service Life Brakes

      Brakes absorb more heat so they last longer and in more extreme conditions.
    • Case IH Dealers and Technicians

      Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.
    ​​​Quick Specs 
    • Engine: 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final
    • Engine Rated Horsepower: 500
    • Maximum Engine Horsepower: 550
    • PTO Power: 435
    • Rowtrac Operating Width (Rowtrac Model): 80 in (standard) / 88 in, 120 in (optional), Quadtrac 90 in (standard)