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Comfort Zone - See your world without ever looking back

The new SprayView sprayer cab was designed specifically for the Nitro sprayer with no compromises. Features include a panoramic view, full-height windshield, and higher door opening for tall operators. It has a dual jointed tilt and telescoping steering column with foot pegs, auto climate control, outside temperature gauge, stereo radio with CD player, weather band, XM, Bluetooth, and remote radio controls. Three monitoring screens provide essential information without constant screen switching.

Upgrade to the SprayView Luxury cab for heated and vented leather-trimmed seats with auto weight adjust, a leather-trimmed training seat, leather-wrapped steering wheel, rear camera, auto on/off headlights, built-in rechargeable flashlight, 110-volt outlet, and even a refrigerator!

Superior sight lines allow you to see each spray pattern and front tires while entering crop rows. The sealed cab has a variable speed pressurization fan to maintain proper pressure with minimal noise. It includes charcoal primary filtration, a recirculation filter, and an electronic monitoring system.


Nitro sprayers are known for their exceptional ride, which has now been improved further. With 50/50 weight distribution and Miller's exclusive four-wheel independent Hydra-Link suspension, you get a smooth ride and minimal soil compaction. All four wheels stay firmly on the ground, avoiding 'three-wheeling' in tough conditions. This reduces stress and fatigue on both the machine and the operator, ensuring a stable, smooth ride and precise applications.

The new optional in-cab suspension lowering system makes it easy to lower the sprayer for transport, low shed doors, or maintenance work.


The rear engine provides outstanding weight distribution and proven FPT reliability. The electronically controlled engines use high-pressure Common Rail systems for high torque rise. Available engine sizes range from 369 hp (275 kW) to 412 hp (307 kW), suitable for various terrains. The rear-mount engine allows easy access to components.

North American models feature reliable FPT Tier 4B engines, while other regions may have FPT Tier 3 versions. The large "Single Pass" cooling system is located behind the engine to ensure efficient airflow and better cooling capabilities. The variable speed cooling fan runs only as fast as needed, saving horsepower and fuel. An optional reversing fan keeps intake screens clean in harsh conditions.


The Nitro Series effectively delivers horsepower to the ground. The 7000 series, with 8.7-liter FPT engines, features twin Danfoss electronically controlled H1 hydrostatic pump systems. The final drives have Danfoss H1 series electronically controlled variable displacement piston drive motors and Fairfield Torque-Hub® planetary final drives. Features include full-time traction control, integrated speed limiting, cruise control, engine anti-stall, and more, offering infinite speeds between 0 to 32 mph (0 to 51 kph). The internal, oil-cooled brakes ensure long life operation. Operators can easily program four working ranges for customized speeds.


The Nitro 7000 series offers various tank and boom options to enhance productivity. Choose from 1200, 1400, or 1600-gallon stainless steel tanks. The standard 150-gallon rinse system makes cleaning easy, with an optional AutoRinse system for in-cab or fill station operation. The variable-speed Hypro® centrifugal pump operates efficiently to save horsepower and extend pump life.

Multiple factory-installed boom options are available, including MonoBeam and Truss designs in various widths. IntelliSpray maintains constant droplet size as ground speed changes, offers turn compensation, and optional individual nozzle control. Spray-Air air assist booms provide excellent droplet control and canopy penetration, with versatility for conventional spraying or air-assisted methods.

  • Available in the USA
  • Model with Tier 4B Engine
  • Deluxe SprayView Cab
  • "Ultra Quiet" cab, variable speed pressurization fan, charcoal filtration, recirculation filter, auto climate control, external temperature readout, AM/FM/WX, XM, Bluetooth, remote armrest controls, 4 speakers, 2-way tilt/telescope steering column with foot pegs, sun visor, cloth air ride seat, folding instructional seat, SprayView 12 display, A Post Display, audio jack, USB ports, phone charging ports, 12-volt power outlets, rear camera with color view screen (2021+ models).
  • Luxury SprayView Cab
  • All Deluxe features PLUS: Grammer Evolution leather seat with auto adjust air-ride suspension, heated/vented with power lumbar, leather instructional seat, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 12-volt cooler, auto on/off headlights, integrated flashlight, 110-volt outlet, X-Grip for cell phone.
  • Engines
    • *7370 – FPT® Cursor 9 – 8.7L Tier 4B – 328 hp / 369 bulge (244 kW / 275 bulge)
    • **7380 – FPT® Cursor 9 – 8.7L Tier 3 – 322 hp / 382 bulge (240 kW / 284 bulge)
  • Alternator / Batteries
  • 240 or 330 Amp / two 950 CCA heavy duty batteries
  • Fuel Tank / DEF Tank
  • 150 gallon (568 L) / 24 gallon (91 L)
  • Cooling System
  • Efficient Single Pass "Stacked", hydraulically driven fan with reverse option
  • Transmission
  • Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled twin 130 cc Danfoss 165 cc, H1 series heavy duty pump
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit
  • 44 GPM (166.5 L/min) @ 2500 psi (172.36 bar)
  • UltraFlo Hydraulic Pump Option
  • Independent 42 GPM (159 L/min) @ 2500 psi (172.36 bar)
  • Speed Ranges
  • 0 to 32 mph (0 to 51 kph) with 4 programmable speed ranges
  • Service Brake
  • 4-wheel dynamic internal wet disc and oil cooled
  • Park Brake
  • 4-wheel spring applied
  • Steering
  • Hydrostatic with two steering cylinders, no tie rods
  • Standard 2-Wheel Steering
  • 15' (4.5 m) radius
  • Optional 4-Wheel Steering
    • 21' (6.4 m) in 2-wheel steer mode
    • 15' (4.6 m) in 4-wheel steer mode
  • Tread Width Adjustment
  • 120" to 160" (305 to 406 cm) hydraulic adjustment standard
  • HydraLink™ Suspension
    • 4-wheel independent, full suspension travel of 20" (51 cm), hydraulic leveling/shock absorbers, auto-leveling for each leg
    • Optional suspension lowering system operated from in the cab
  • Crop Clearance
  • 74" or 76" (188 or 193 cm) varies with tire size
  • Product Tank Options
  • 1200, 1400, or 1600 gallon (4542, 5300, or 6056 L) stainless steel
  • Rinse System
    • 150 gallon (568 L) poly tank and 2" QuickFill connection
    • Electric in-cab controls
    • Optional Auto Rinse
  • Product Pump Standard
  • Hypro 9306C - 210 gpm @ 80 psi (795 L/min @ 5.5 bar) capacity at the pump
  • Product Pump Option
  • High capacity Hypro 9307C - 300 gpm @ 80 psi (1,135 L/min @ 5.5 bar)
  • Foam Marker Option
  • Injection System - uses water from rinse tank - in-cab controls - 3 gallon (11.3 L) foam concentrate tank
  • Boom Options / MonoBeam
  • 90/60 or 100/60 foot widths (27/18 or 30/18 m)
  • 120' / 36m MonoBeam Boom Option
  • 120/70 foot width (36/22 m)
  • Boom Options / Truss
  • 120/73, 132/73, 135/73 foot widths (36/22, 40/22 or 41/22 m)
  • On/Off Valves or Boom Sections
  • All booms come standard with 10 on/off valves
  • Nozzle Body Options for MonoBeam and Truss Booms
  • TeeJet 3 plus 1 or 5 way
  • IntelliSpray 2 Option
  • Available on MonoBeam and Truss booms. Includes individual nozzle control, 3 plus 1 nozzle bodies, and turn compensation
  • Spray-Air™ Truss Boom Options
  • 90/60, 100/60 or 120/73 foot widths (27/18, 30/18 or 36/22 m)
  • Boom Travel (Transom)
  • 96 inches (243.8 cm)
  • Boom Lift Range
    • MonoBeam Boom from 22" (56 cm) to 118" (300 cm)
    • Truss Boom from 30" (76.2 cm) to 126" (320 cm)
  • Spray Controller Options / Factory Installed
  • CNH SprayView 12® & Raven Viper 4+ with RS1 steering control or PLM Cygnus Receiver with Raven SC1. No controller option also available.
  • Wheelbase
  • 177" (450 cm)
  • Dimensions (Shipping)
  • H: 160" (406 cm) / W: 145" (368 cm) / L: 363" (922 cm)