Straight Augers

STX2 is available in 8" and 10" diameter with lengths from 31' to 51' and capacity up to 5,500 bph


AGI[http://www.aggrowth.com/]’s line of Westfield WRX Truck Augers continue to raise the bar, featuring a solid tube drive guard that completely encloses the driveline, Wear Edge Technology™ on critical wear points to extend the life of the flighting, and four different drive systems to choose from to meet your specific needs. Read More

UTX U-Through Auger

Westfield’s newest U-Trough Auger, the UTX was built to out-perform. Read More

STX2 Truck Auger

Westfield's redesigned truck auger has been engineered to withstand the demands of farming today. Read More

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