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Westendorf 12' LANDSCRAPER™

Westendorf 12' LANDSCRAPER™ for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Westendorf 12' LANDSCRAPER™ for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa




The 12' Landscraper™ is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you will ever own. Ready to tackle a multitude of tasks including forming and maintaining drainage ditches, forming terraces, cleaning feedlots, removing snow, leveling rock, grading roads and much more.


The Westendorf advantage:

  • Strong and durable because Westendorf uses high strength steel and a reinforced construction for maximum performance on the job.
  • The Landscraper™ has a 6" high carbon steel cutting edge that carves through dirt, gravel, and snow with ease.
  • The bolt-on tongue connects into the frame, which runs directly through to the back of the box. This feature, plus added supports welded from the front of the frame to the back of the box, makes the Landscraper™ one of the most powerful box scrapers on the market. This kind of strength allows you to forge ahead where the average box scraper fails.
  • A versatile tool that allows you to do many tasks such as maintaing gravel driveways, baseball/softball fields, and beaches. You can also easily grade and level tough compacted soil, form & maintain drainage ditches, spread rock & gravel, construct terraces and in the winter, you can use it to clear snow.
  • Add the optional hydraulic tilt to make tilt adjustments from the comfort of your cab.
  • Tongue bolts on for easy shipping and transport.
  • Heavy duty weight box increases the versatility of the Landscraper™.
  • Jack and Transport Lock make moving this boxscraper around the yard or several miles a hassle-free task.


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