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Salford Group 1665  for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Salford Group 1665  for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



1665 Individual Metering Applicators

Individual Outlet, Positive Displacement Applicator
Apply insecticides, herbicides, small seeds, inoculants, or micro-nutrients precisely where needed and at the rate required. Valmar’s ground drive metering assures precise application regardless of varying ground speed. The roller chain-driven, 60-speed mechanical gearbox delivers accurate application in five percent increments, or use the optional hydraulic drive for variable-rate technology application. With Valmar’s individual metering, matching the number of outlets required for your operation is easily accomplished by opening or closing individual slide gates.


1665 Hopper:

  • 20 cubic feet
  • Mild steel with two-component epoxy primer and two-component cross-linked acrylic top coat paint system
  • Weather-tight lid
  • Product level sight gauge
  • Manifold pressure gauge
  • Sasquatch optional

Product Delivery:

  • One-inch ID flexible PVC hose
  • Optional individually mounted broadcast deflectors or straight tube outlets


  • Ground drive or hydraulic drive – required option
  • 16 individual metering outlets can be shut off independently for up to 16 rows or broadcast up to 40 feet
  • Stainless steel metering bottom


  • 16-inch impeller with three-inch outlet
  • Hydraulic drive 2.2 CID motor requires 8 GPM
  • Operates at 3200-4000 RPM


  • Metering drive is a required option
    • Mechanical ground drive includes 60-speed gearbox with five percent between settings, ground drive tire and hand crank for calibration
    • Hydraulic metering drive includes an 11.3 CID hydraulic motor that requires up to 12 GPM for complete operating range
  • Mounting kits for various tool bars and planters
  • Broadcast deflector kit
  • Electric clutch and control kit
  • LOCK ‘n’ LOAD valve assemblies
  • Straight tube outlet kit