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Loftness 60BA for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Loftness 60BA for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



Recutter Bar
The Bad Ax uses a recutter bar along with stationary counter teeth to hold material in place while it is being mulched. This unique design allows the Bad Ax to cut material into finer particles for faster decomposition and produce a nicer looking end product. It also helps avoid log jams in the chamber, which can be extremely difficult to remove in competitive units.

60-Inch Diameter, Fully Machined Disc
The Bad Ax can cut down trees up to 14 inches in diameter using a 60-inch diameter disc. The fully machined disc is 1.25 inches thick using premium-strength steel, and it contains no welds, so there are no points subject to stress cracking. Additionally, the bolt-on mounts can be replaced in the field without the need for cutting, welding or rebalancing the rotor.

The large Bad Ax disc builds up its own inertia during use, pushing its productive force beyond the maximum hydraulic horsepower. This helps it more quickly gather and process vegetation.

Direct Drive
The hydraulic motor is directly mounted to the disc, providing 100 percent of its power to the job at hand, and eliminating the need for high-maintenance pulleys or belts. 

Bolt-On Teeth
Quadco teeth are attached to the mulching disc using bolt-on mounts. These make the teeth easy to rotate, replace and remove while on the jobsite. The teeth have four cutting surfaces, allowing them to be rotated four times before sharpening is needed.

Quadco Blades
Reversible with ultra-sharp, heat-treated steel knife edges, the Quadco blades effortlessly slice through trees and vegetation, as opposed to shredding and tearing. They can be rotated on site for a fresh cutting edge, or sharpened to maintain efficiency.

The discharge deflector directs material down and away from the machine, helping to protect the equipment and operator. Unlike competitive hinged designs, the Bad Ax uses a rigid deflector and angled recutter bar for better control of the discharge.

Housing Design
The sides of the Bad Ax housing are parallel. This design provides optimal control when compared with funnel, or V-shaped, disc mulchers, which can be easily misdirected when hooking onto stumps or other solid objects.

The Bad Ax uses an instant torque radial piston high-pressure motor for maximum performance. It requires 70-120 hydraulic horsepower (hydraulic horsepower = GPM X PSI / 1714) and 36-50 GPM up to 5,000 PSI.

Ground-Level Mulching
The front of the Bad Ax housing is angled, allowing the teeth to mulch at ground level.

Adjustable Tree-Pusher Bar
Featuring welded claw hooks, the bar is used to push falling trees away from the power unit and to position material for proper feeding into the mulching disc. Unlike many other disc mulchers, the pusher bar on the Bad Ax can be adjusted to meet the needs of the jobsite.

Anti-Wrap Bearing Protection
A precise labyrinth ring design helps keep debris from entering the bearing chamber.

A rubber-mounted pressure gauge allows the operator to easily monitor the workload from the skid steer cab.

Anti-Cavitation Shutdown Circuit
An integrated anti-cavitation shutdown circuit protects motor during shutdown.

Heavy-Duty Construction
The entire Bad Ax body and disc are constructed of premium high-strength steel for maximum durability

Universal Skid-Steer Mount
The disc mulcher easily pairs with a wide variety of skid steer brands and models.


Cutting Width 60” (1.52 m)
Overall Width 67” (1.70 m)
Number of Teeth 44
Weight 2,643 LBS (1,198.8 kg)
Crated Weight 2,793 LBS (1,266.9 kg)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow (Up To 5,000 PSI) 36-50 GPM
Hydraulic Horsepower Range 70-120
Radial Piston Motor Max Hydraulic Pressure 5,000 PSI
Disc Speed 1,1-0 RPM/200+ MPH (321.9 kph) Tip Speed