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Farm King 2450 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Farm King 2450 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



The heavy duty undercarriage and tandem walking beam axles ensure reliable transport to the unloading area. To unload, the operator tilts the carrier deck using the tractor control. Once the rear of the deck is on the ground, the pusher, controlled with the hand-held remote, unloads the
bales in tight end-to-end rows.

Gentle yet rugged pickup arms place bales on the deck where a pusher, powered by two hydraulic motors, slides the bales back on graphite coated carrier beams (models 1450, 2450). This means efficient bale handling, less stress and more bales moved each day.

After bales are lifted onto the deck, a pusher moves the bales rearward. The pusher has two settings that are selected on the hand held remote. The operator can choose the most efficient speed and torque for varying conditions: ‘high’ for dry hay and straw; ‘low’ provides additional torque for wet or high moisture silage bales, and the pusher moves with less speed.


Model 2450
Capacity GVW: 37,440 lb (16,983 kg)
Sixteen - 4' wide bales
Fourteen - 5' wide bales
Tractor requirements 100 hp (60 kW) at 25,000 lb (11,340 kg); Maximum recommended speed when loaded is 20 mph (32 km/hr)
Hand-held remote control Power: 12v, Fuse: 15 amp
Hydraulics Two double acting circuits required
Hydaulics, lift cylinder Two - 3" diameter
Hydaulics, tilt cylinder Two - 3" diameter
Hydaulics, motor Four - 22.0 cu. in
Tires (8) 12.5L x 15FI tires, load range F, intermittent unloaded highway use
Tires, capacity 4,680 lb (2,130 kg) at 90 PSI inflation
Tires, hub 6 bolt with twine guard
Tires, wheel Heavy-duty implement style
Deck length 37' (11.3 m)
Overall length 45' (13.7 m)
Transportation width 12.75' (3.9 m)
Hitch weight Empty vertical drawbar load 2,395lbf (10,653N)
Shipping weight (approx.) 9,587 lb (4,348 kg)