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Farm King Midmount 2000 Series

Farm King Midmount 2000 Series for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Farm King Midmount 2000 Series for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



Designed specifically for modern tractors, the Midmount 2000 Series provides enhanced visibility, increased lifting capability and superior breakout force. The Midmount 2000 Series provides easier access for service, more clearance for tractors with front wheel assist and extra room for front mounted fenders. Mechanical true self-leveling is available on models 2495 to 2895.

A distinctive feature on all Allied Midmount 2000 Series front-end loaders is the heavy duty parallel bucket linkage, usually seen only on self-leveling loaders. This greatly increases rollback and dump angles.

Midmount loaders feature grease fittings at the outer end of the pins for easier greasing. Improved clearance means that front fenders can usually remain in place, servicing of the tractor is easier, and full wheel oscillation and turning radius can be maintained without any restrictions.

The Midmount 2000 Series quick attach method, standard on all models, is consistent with the Euro style system to allow for improved interchangeability of attachments.

An optional skid steer quick attach truly makes your front-end loader a multi-use tool carrier. Available for models up to 2395.


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