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Farm King 95 Series for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Farm King 95 Series for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



Mechanical True Self-Leveling (TSL)
These loaders pick up where others drop off. The TSL system eliminates the variable "waving" action of leveling during the lift and lower cycle, so common in some other brands. During the raise/lower cycle, the bucket stays perfectly level or at the desired position. Not just approximately - precisely. The TSL system provides full dump at ground, and additional roll back as the loader raises.

A direct mounted or cable remote joystick is available. Packages are complete with color-coded dust caps, plugs and quick couplers. Choose from a 2- or 3-spool valve package. Both valve packages provide the opportunity to add a third function such as a grapple, however with the 2-spool valve a diverter valve will still need to be installed. The 3-spool valve package provides the opportunity to add a function, such as a hay grapple.

Cushion Ride
Driving across rough ground with a loaded bucket or suddenly dropping a heavy load can be hard on the tractor, loader and operator. Cushion Ride effectively feathers these shocks and bumps, similar to the shock absorbers in a vehicle. This provides smoother loader operation and adds longevity to the loader and loader components.

Hydra Fast
One lever couples or disengages all hydraulic lines, for two, four or six outlets, for a clean, quick and easy connection even under pressure. This takes the guess work out of incorrect line connection, ensuring your hydraulic lines are hooked up properly every time.

Hydraulic cylinder
A front-end loader is only as powerful and dependable as its hydraulic cylinders. Large diameter cylinder rods and thick chrome plating complement the longevity of the cylinder life. Larger diameter lift and bucket cylinders provide a higher lift capacity and stronger rollback power which is particularly important for bale spear application for mid-sized loaders because the weight is so far forward.

Quick disconnect of loader to mount
1. Remove the parking stands from their storage compartment on the loader arms.
2. Midmount Series - Remove lock pin on each side of Midmount models. No tools required.
2. 95 Series - Loosen bolt on each side of the 95 series
3. Back away tractor and disconnect the hydraulics. Reverse the procedure for re-mounting the loader.




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