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Farm King 2460 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Farm King 2460 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



User-friendly hydraulic system
Only three tractor SCV valves are required for complete control of the hydraulic functions: Transport Mode - fold/unfold toolbar, Field Mode - raise/lower toolbar, and product pump - liquid deliver system. Simply set the tractor's hydraulic flow and the toolbar's rate of drop for optimum performance. This user-friendly design eliminates the need for electronic solenoids and in-cab electric/hydraulic control boxes.

Exclusive rotational lift toolbar design
The unique toolbar lift design provides an industry leading 36" of ground clearance, 54" on turn-rows. The hydraulic down pressure assist and wing gauge wheels provide ground contour following capabilities that are unsurpassed. This exclusive toolbar design maximizes operator efficiency and extends the time-sensitive application window.

Custom asymmetrical tank design
The custom tank design features a hopper bottom sump, providing complete tank drainage, even in hilly conditions. The combination of dual stainless steel baffles and a low center of gravity reduce product movement and maximize tracking stability on side hills.

Spacing Configurations
A variety of toolbar configurations are available for row spacing; 24 row 30", 36 row 20”, 36 row 22" and 18 row 38" spacing configurations.


Model 2460
Tank size 2400 US gallon tank, stainless steel baffle, hopper bottom sump w/ 3" fill
Tool bar  - Available in 24/30" (25), 36/20" (37), 36/22" (37), 18/38" (19) widths
- Double 5 x 7 mainframe, ground contour following wing sections, four (4) gauge wheels with active hydraulic down pressure
Tire size 60"/120", 80"/120", 88"/132",
76"/152" Duals
Wheel spacing 60"/120", 80"/120", 88"/132",
Plumbing  - Ace hydraulic driven centrifugal pump kit.
- 5 section control valves
- Raven 450 rate controller
Coulters 20" ripple, spring-cushioned
Knives or injectors
Hydraulic depth control assist
Ground clearance 36" in field operation, 54" on turn rows
Transport width 18' 6"
Transport height 13' 6"
Transport length 24' 3"
Hitch Pin to Axle Length 185"
Fresh water safety tank 9 gallon
Quick fill 3"
Tongue weight, transport 1,520 lbs
Tongue weight, field 5,380 lbs
Empty weight 20,100 lbs