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Farm King 1840 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Farm King 1840 for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa



The Model 1840’s heavy duty toolbar leads the industry with the most crop clearance (36”) and ground clearance (30”) expanding the application window, minimizing crop injury, and maximizing yield potential.

The hydraulic systems allows you to use your tractor’s hydraulic controls during work and transport operations, making it easy and comfortable to operate.

The purpose built 1800 gallon tank is carried by the implement, not the tractor. There’s no transfer of weight to the toolbar or drawbar, making this unit easier to pull and easier to operate.


  • A wide stance, high clearance, parallel lift linkage
  • Heavy-duty 2” inner and 1 1⁄2” outer hinge points
  • 7.6 X 15SL gauge wheel rim and tire
  • Hydraulic valve block
  • Short pin to axle length - 175" wheelbase
  • Engineered, laminated, stepped, and fully welded hitch design
  • Single piece, welded frame
  • Single and dual tire options with fixed and adjustable axles
  • Proximity sensors control wing tilt range
  • Visual flow monitor system
  • Mechanical wing-fold locks
  • Transport/Work Mode switch box with a single switch


MODEL 1840
Tank size 1800 gallon, stainless steel baffle, hopper bottom sump
Coulters - Yetter 2996, parallel linkage, 20" coulter w/knife
- Yetter 2995 Gen. III, single linkage, 20" coulter w/injector
- Hydraulic depth control assist
Tool bar - Available in 20", 22", 30", 38" rows in widths up to 45 ft.; Twin cylinder height adjust
- 7 x 7 high-clearance toolbar with 15° down flex;
- Adjustable gauge wheels
Tire size 380/90 R46 single and duals, 320/90R46 duals, 320/90R50 singles
Wheel spacing 120" fixed, 132" fixed, 120" - 152" adj. axles
Pumps -John Blue ground driven, twin piston pump
-Ace hydraulic centrifugal pump kit w/Raven 450 controller, Raven Viper 4, or ISO Ready
-Visual flow monitors, standard
Ground clearance¹ 36"
Transport width¹ 17' 9"
Transport height¹ 13' 3"
Transport length¹ 21' 8"
Empty tongue weight 3,820 lb
Empty weight 12,680 lb
Fresh water safety tank 9 gallon
Quick fill 3"
Pin to axle length 14' 7"
Available colors Red / Cream Green / Cream