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Demco 1272 Model

Demco 1272 Model for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Demco 1272 Model for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa





Roll top tarp
Ergonomic pendant control
Standard wireless auto weighing system

NOTES ON HYDRAULICS: A standard grain cart requires two hydraulic remotes. The optional adjustable spout requires an additional hydraulic remote. Additional 35 - 40 GPM oil flow is required for hydraulic unloading drive. 70 GPM max oil flow is required for high speed high torque hydraulic unloading drive.



1102 Grain Cart Specifications 
Capacity 1270+ Bu.
Balanced Auger Size 20"
Unloading Time (bu/min.) 530
Spindle Size D=4 1/2" S=5 1/2"
Tractor HP Required 200+
Hub Size 10 bolt - 13.19"
Tread Width (stand.) 112"
Tread Width (opt.) NA
Tongue Frame 4"x10"
Tongue Weight (empty) 1,750 lbs.
Tongue Weight (loaded) 6,000 lbs.
Weight/Wheels & Tires 20,500 lbs.
Weight/Tracks 25,320 lbs.

* Bushel capacity measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture content (56 lb. test weight)

* 1102/1272 track units will increase the carts capacity 20 to 30 bushels