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Demco 1050 Model

Demco 1050 Model for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa

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Demco 1050 Model for sale at Red Power Team, Iowa




  • 1000 RPM PTO.
  • Hydraulic drive (35-40 GPM minimum oil flow required).
  • Automatic reset “cut-out” clutch with overrunning clutch to protect auger drive and tractor PTO
  • 18" diameter balanced auger with 3/8" flighting and Posi-Lock connection.
  • UltraFlyte made with 1008/1010 high carbon steel including a thicker outer edge, resulting in up to 50% longer wear and faster conveying.
  • 30" hydraulic controlled flow gate.
  • Auger positioned for operator visibility.
  • Auger folds within the width of the box for compact transporting and storage.
  • 1 grain viewing window.
  • Welded box construction with silicone sealed seams resists rust and corrosion.
  • 7000 lb. drop-leg tongue jack with separate storage position provides tighter turning radius.
  • Hand wheel operated clean-out door at bottom of auger for easy post season cleanup.
  • LED Tail, flasher/turn signal lights and halogen auger spotlight for nighttime operation.
  • Available with 120" fixed or 120" - 144" adjustable axle tread width.
  • 22,500 lb. Ductile Iron Hubs
  • Transport width with single wheels set on 120" centers: 12' 9"
  • Transport safety chain
  • Transport safety chain
  • Adjustable auger spout


Roll top tarp
Ergonomic pendant grip control
Standard scale or Wireless scale

NOTES ON HYDRAULICS: A standard grain cart requires two hydraulic remotes. The optional adjustable spout requires an additional hydraulic remote. Additional 15 - 25 GPM oil flow is required for hydraulic unloading drive.



1050 Grain Cart Specifications
Capacity 1000+ Bu.
Balanced Auger Size 18"
Unloading Time (bu/min.) 400
Spindle Size 4 1/2"
Tractor HP Required 175+
Hub Size 10 bolt
Tread Width (stand.) 120"
Tread Width (opt.) 120-144"
Tongue Frame 4"x10"
Tongue Weight (empty) 1,120 lbs.
Tongue Weight (loaded) 4,600 lbs.
Weight/Wheels & Tires 11,600 lbs.
Weight/Tracks 17,860 lbs.

* Bushel capacity measured with #2 corn at 15% moisture content (56 lb. test weight)