2018 Combine clinic event

We will be holding three combine clinics again for 2018! We will have the same two formats as last year with one hands-on workshop in Mason City and two classroom clinics in Emmetsburg and Fort Dodge. You are invited to come to one or both clinics as they will be different in presentation.

The first clinic on Tuesday, August 21st will be in Mason City Red Power’s shop. This clinic is a hands-on workshop with multiple classes using the equipment in the shop to illustrate important points. This will be a comprehensive training workshop on Combines, Headers, AFS Pro 6/700 yield monitoring, Drago Maintenance and MacDon Draper Heads. We’ve got a lot of compliments on this style workshop and we encourage you to attend if you weren’t able to make it last year.

The following two clinics will be the standard, classroom-style clinics with plenty of discussion, detailed information and Red Power tips we’ve put together. Wednesday, August 22nd will be at Wild Rose Casino in Emmetsburg, IA and Thursday, August 23rd will be at the Starlite Village in Fort Dodge, IA. Representatives from the Red Power Team, Drago, and MacDon will be giving in-depth presentations at all clinics. You are encouraged to attend both a classroom style and the hands-on workshop!



Workshop clinic • Tuesday, August 21st  •  Mason City Red Power  •  Mason City, IA

Classroom clinic •  Wednesday, August 22nd  •  Wild Rose Casino  •  Emmetsburg, IA

Classroom clinic •  Thursday, August 23rd  •  Best Western Starlite Village  •  Fort Dodge, IA



See your Red Power dealer for complete schedule. We hope to see you there!



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